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Whaly in Newfoundland 

We're passionate about bringing Whaly boats to Newfoundland. The customizations, the extreme durability and the reliability. We believe Whaly boats are perfect for the harsh Atlantic ocean, and the ROCKY shorelines of Newfoundland.

Our RENT it before you BUY it option allows customers the opportunity to experience the buoyancy, speed and ease of operation. There's a feeling of safety and durability that could only be experienced by getting out in the boat yourself. this also helps the purchase process by getting a feel for the size and features that can best suit you and your family.

We believe, to make a confident purchase, a first hand experience is best.

Take a spin around Kelly's Island, head over to Holyrood or visit Bell Island! 

Buying Your Whaly Boat

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Hop in a Whaly 370 in Conception Bay South and head out on an epic adventure around Kelly's Island, over to Bell Island or go to Holyrood and back.


You may see an iceberg, catch a couple cod or just have the most amazing day docking anywhere you like and testing out these amazing boats. Any shoreline you like, these polyethylene boats are perfect for Newfoundlands rocky shorelines.


Bring a lunch, have a lovely adventure. See if a Whaly boat is perfect for you and your family! 

Time to purchase

If you'd like to discuss the options with a Whaly rep in Newfoundland please contact Walter at

(709) 325-3720 or email

If you're confident in the model you'd like to purchase and would like to place an order, please contact us before October 1st to get your boat in our next bulk shipment.

Currently IN-STOCK in St. John's are

Whaly 310's and Whaly 370's.