Our service commitment


Whaly NL Ltd is proud to provide quality motors, life jackets and gps navigation with each Whaly boat rental. Try it, test it, fall in love with it.

And if you do, our qualified technicians will set up your Whaly boat exactly how you want it! With a great line of Mercury engines to chose from, we can install your motor and have it serviced by certified Mercury mechanics. Our partnership with Blue Water Maine in Mount Pearl means your motor is in great hands, with a full coverage warranty.  As well as add ons, from the oar locks to a centre console, we can provide the products and set your boat to meet your personal needs.

Additional accessories include tow lines, anchors, buoys, marine radios, fish finders, transducers, lights, life jackets and much more.

Our NEWEST Line of Accessories manufactured from 6063 Grade Aluminum which offers great resistance to corrosion and extended life span. It is the most widely used grade of Aluminum in Marine environments, mainly because of its corrosion resistance. It is a high strength material and is more resistant to fatigue and cracking. All welding is completed using a 5053 welding wire which creates a high strength weld. We will stand behind our Accessories with a 5 year warranty. 

Special Thanks to 

Bluewater Marine www.bluewatermarine.ca (OUR NEWEST DEALER)

Whaly Canada www.whalycanada.com

Whaly NL Ltd. Partnership with;

Fusion Welding